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Bruce Boyd

I am a self-taught photographer based in Cape Town. I do mostly commercial work with clients such as Block and Chisel, Andrew Dominic Furniture, Shooshoos, Sticky Fudge Clothing, Tile Afirica and Campo Marzo. I like the challenge of taking something ordinary and with the help of my knowledge, experience, and equipment, making it look extraordinary.

I also dabble in creating art. This has been a somewhat painful journey for me. It has taken me many years to find my niche, and self confidence in creating, and I in many ways I am still finding it. For many years I did not feel good enough. During the beginning of Covid I came to the realisation that if I work with the skills that I have acquired  in commercial photography and I use the images that I have already captured and kept  so diligently, I would be able to create artwork that I  love. So please celebrate with me…

I am an artist.  Meermin.co.za is where I showcase my new work.


Represented by Lumas Art Gallery : https://www.lumas.com/artist/bruce_boyd/